ok, I am horrible

Has it really been since February that I posted something?  Who d I think I am, Mrs Patmore from Downton Abbey?  Only appearing in the winter and then only giving the tiniest bit of satisfaction?  I know this is an excuse but it is SO hot here and we don’t have central AC.  I’m just making excuses again.  


The thing is I did bake something.  Chai cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting. The were delicious but again….

I’m sorry.  I’ll bebetter this time.




Kitchen Divorce, sort of.

SO my kitchen and I are not divorced, just separated. It is so hot in San Diego and frankly…I like a healthy dose of “Do Nothing” in the summer. Now I am sure I should be making Summer Berry tarts and the like but my kitchen is almost the same size as my bathroom, an obvious design flaw.

I will make something this weekend. Promise.

Also, to assuage my guilt….have YOU ever had to young boys in summer camp.  Exhausting.  We lived at Sonic this summer.