Putting kids to bed ON Christmas night has to be 1000 times harder than Christmas Eve. Neither one of them believes in the fat red man, except that I’m a fat red head..  Anyway getting these kids to bed last night was monstrous.  I literally had to text Tim who was downstairs for reinforcements.

For a while I let it go because they were in their laughing sounding silly.  they normally just bicker.  They sleep in bunk bed which save space but not parental sanity.

If I were to sell their bunk beds I would list them like this:

Black Metal Bunk beds for Sale

Sturdy, Black, Metal.  Ladder that no parent should have to climb while balancing a mattress on their head to put on a fitted sheet EVER, might inducing arguments about who is shaking the bed, may cause occupant of top bunk to complain that the other occupant is tickling their feet as they go down the ladder which “is hard enough without being tortured”  kids think everything is torture.  The top rail is sufficient to keep the occupant from falling off even when vomiting over the edge of it.   No head rail to prevent pillow loss for the bottom occupant.

Bickering adjacent, near a crabby dad.  Will relocate for grateful children.

I would like to remind these two boys that if these bunk beds aren’t good enough I would be happy to find them new ones…