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Casual food for a happy tummy. really.

My name is Jeffrey and I’m a San Diego Foodie.

I am a 39-year-old married father of two boys; both whom are very smart and function with severe ADHD. My husband is…a wonder of patient good humor; which given my past is enough. It is enough that he exists and is special to me and our boys.  I have a Bachelors degree in Organizational Management which I primarily attempt to apply to my own household; I have the degree, it is on the wall, I can prove it.  We have two dogs; one fat one and one half-bald smelly one. We love them both without prejudice, except no one likes to snuggle with the bald smelly one which is sad; she is the non-crazy one. Guess who raised the crazy one…  I have a large family in the midwest and they think I am the center of the universe; just not this one.

Family dinner is important to me.  I think the act of sitting down to a meal with someone is cathartic and  is a great first step to building a connection with them.  Ask my friends;  I always suggest we get together for a meal, especially if we have had an argument.  Many of my earliest memories involve food or cooking: making herb bread with my Dad or coming home to warm chocolate pudding my mom had made or her once a year Cream Puffs when the Wizard of OZ would come on TV.

Food has always played a very central role in my life;  cooking with family, feeding others, experimenting with new ideas and recipes.  I fall asleep to the Cooking Channel.  I will generally cook and review casual food, meaning, you probably won’t see me making Beef Wellington but rather Hamburger Wellington or maybe just a great way to make a cheeseburger.  I will do my absolute best to post 1 tip a week and one to two recipes every week, even if the recipe is simple.  I have two sort of picky eaters so I usually will include some feedback from them to let you know if others liked the dish or not, ok?  Sound good?  Let’s shake on it.

I also love photography, technology,all sorts of things except most people.




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