It has been two months…

Since my last confession…

My life seems to be evolving at breakneck speed, however my body is not so fond of that speed.  I like things to move along at my pace.  Selfish me.  
I have been a father now for almost 2 months.  I gave birth to a rather tenacious 15 year old in June.  Smart kid, needs lots of attention, like an african violet, with a potty mouth.  Then after an extended drought I met a man, a good man.  We are talking waiting to exhale type of man.  Blech, ok so a really good man.  
And did I mention that all of this seems to be happening very quickly and that I prefer for things to happen at my pace?  So… I decided to start a blog, primarily to have a dumping ground for this rabble in my head and then of course because there are oh so many people just dying, socially starving to hear about the mundane and rectriangular stuff going on in my life.  
I wish I would have started this earlier, I have some funny stories, so I might back date a few entries now and then.  I should be doing something else right now, and before i get forcibly removed from that something else I am getting back to it.

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