Read a Book and then have a theme night. Knowledge and props, score.

For anyone who is reading this I really would LOVe to receive the gift of an Amazon Kindle.  Hint Hint


I just finished reading The Kitchen Gods Wife by Amy Tan.  Forgive my lack of underlining or whatever it is that you are supposed to do when writing down the title of a book.  I slept that day.  So this book is like a magic door, open it and walk through.  That is of course assuming that you are open to being wisked away in that matter and to to pre WW2 China nonetheless.  Fantastic writing, I think it just might be the book that gets me reading again.

I used to read.  Duh.  I mean a lot!  My dad used to send me tons of book while I was away at the camps, I mean military school.  I guess maybe to assuage some level of guilt that he had shipped me off to be raised by someone else.  Sorry my table for Mr. Bitter is ready.  I’ll have the eggs.   So yes, lots of books LA LA LA  something happened and I just sort of stopped reading.  I stayed up rather late Wednesday night finishing Amy Tans fantastic book, and am heading to the bookstore or library with my son so we can each pick out a book.  Poverty schmoverty.  If all else fails I can eat the book.  


On a different topis, tonight is father son video gam he can stay up till midnight drinking soda night.   It is a rather long title for a night where FRIDAY simply would have sufficed, however he got to pick the name.  We are big on theme nights.  ie:  “Indian Food night, lets tell paul the chicken is goat.”  “Temper tantrums look so silly at the brink of turning 16 now please  go take a shower and get to bed.” “PLease stop biting the dog” and everyones favorite “you never let me do anything”  we have that last one a lot in my house, very popular with the children.  

Well I have work to do today, and for the next 50 years.  Wait a f-ing minute!  I might have to work for another 50 years.  That is so unfair, I never get to do anything….


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