Be pure.

Song by Blue Six

some people look for lovesettle when they’ve looked enoughothers will take their timetakes too long they’ll soon findsome people need their fearthey think it makes life clearno one’s on earth aloneyet everyone’s on their ownsomeday one day maybesomehow, not now and you will findwhat you losewhen you have peace of mindmost start out with great ambitionyears gone bylose your time lose your minddrink that wine, drink that winelook at me i’m pureeverything that i am i adoreit’s the reason that life is forit’s my heart that i need to be sureheep it purebe pure, anything that you dare and moreevery nap of my hair i’m purewhat you love at the root, at the corekeep it puresome people look for lovesettle when they’ve looked enoughmost people think they have timeto begin lifethey’re so wrongthey’re so wrongthey’re so wrongwhat i dream of, if i dream hard enoughwill become mineif i don’t run out of all my timemost people have intuitionto love lifelove your lifefeel alive, feel alivelook at me i’mfree……….la la la la la


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