You can’t have the eggs without raising the chicken

In life it seems we all want the rewards,  brilliant huh?  Of course we do, but I’ve been noticing so many people who them without doing the work.  The spew out a lot of rhetoric and nonsense and catch phrases and somehow float to the top, above people who really do work their butt off.  Maybe it is just the environment that I am in lately, who knows.

I do know that the period of time in my life where I just took it as the norm is over.  I can box with the best of them, and just because i don’t use it doesn’t mean that I don’t have a sneaky and strong left hook.

I hate this era where you can’t tell anyone off for being a snake at work without them going to tattle.  I’m not in any trouble…just an observation.  Grow up peeps.


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