Scratchy Sheets, Dysons and milk.

  1.   I spent a reasonable amount of money on these sheets.  They are the most perfect shade of deep peacock-blue.  If I were blue I would want to be this shade of blue.  ( Don’t worry if you are hearing Miranda Priestly lecture about Cerulean blue to the  new Emily; I can too).  They have a high thread count because, let’s face it; air makes me itch.  One side of them is like silk, so someone please explain why the other side feels like burlap?

  2. Our Dyson STINKS like rotting dog.  They may be the only vacuum not to lose suction, but they also hold a bad smell.  It is so bad i wonder if someone sucked up a dead mouse.  Yuck.  Warranty call.

  3. The liquor store by my house charges 6.50 for a pack of smokes and doesn’t carry milk.  A little part of me misses the old neighborhood


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