It isn’t so simple as it seems I thought it would be.

cinnamon jelly beans.

That is how it started today, really started.  Junior went into our bedroom without permission and stole some candy.  It obviously isn’t about candy.  Our kids don’t eat candy very regularly so had he ASKED for candy he could have had some.

I’m hurt and scared that he stole them.  I’m scared that this is not a phase he is going through and that it will lead to a life of crime.  It can be immensely difficult to break free from a life of drugs, alcohol, and other shady things.  I am deeply deeply afraid that my son is heading down that road.  He is almost 8.  I do not know if these are my own demons looking for a new home or if this is his own journey.

I have a past that I am not proud of.  I have changed in ways that I have never thought possible, but this isn’t my story today.

I am hurt because I would give my son anything I could to make him a well-rounded ,safe and happy boy.  Am i messing this whole parenting thing up?


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