Cursed Cabbage – An exercise in foods to avoid

Please turn on some dark, funeral type music.  This exercise in cooking ruined my day.

I decided that I would go ahead and try my hand at stuffed cabbage, a comfort food I usually enjoy.  I found a recipe that was within my casual food guidelines and was very simple.  I admit the recipe was simple, but 1. it tasted awful and 2. I hate it for many reasons.  Boiled cabbage is not very easy to handle.  Wet tissue paper would be easier to work with I think.  Did I mention this is more of a cautionary tale than anything else?  Cursed cabbage, thou art mine enemy!

After tasting  the awful creation that stunk up the whole house I decided to put it down the disposal and eradicate its existence.  DO NOT PUT CABBAGE DOWN THE DISPOSAL.  It completely clogged the drain and I had to call a plumber; a rather surly and unpleasant man.



The cabbage and I are still friends at this point.



I think cutting out its core is where the cabbage started hating me.



The crime scene.






Getting hot in there Mr. Cabbage?  Is it?  I’m glad for it!





This doesn’t look good, does it?  This is the filling; brown rice, ground beef, an egg and garlic.






All rolled up in the pot.  The liquid was tomato juice, vinegar, sugar, currants and a squirt of ketchup.






Die cabbage die!



We shall never meet again….unless I get to shred you for slaw!



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