Nice night if you can get it.

So nice night on tuesday.  Tim, Paul and I went to dinner at the very exclusive and restricted Mortimer CLub, no wait that was an episode of the Golden Girls.  WE went the chicken pie shop.  All the same to the clam, unless I suppose you were the chicken in the pie.  What a way to go, to be eaten in a pie.  I digest, er digress.

Tim stayed over last night, he keeps accusing me of snuggling with him in the middle of the night.  I’ll never admit to that, people might think I have a heart or feelings.  Nonetheless, he does appear to be a permanent fixture in my life, and I simply adore him.  Paul likes him and thinks it is great having him around.  

Patrick called and we chatted about one of the best movies ever and can you tell that i don’t feel like writing today? lol see you later.


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