The week in review or the Brotherhood of the Ripping Pants

Good morning World.  Are you there God it’s me, Jeffrey.  So…

Not a bad week after all, yes my office still has a vent straight to hell but I’m coping you iknow? It’s all about overcoming. lol.   This week has been surprisingly nice.  My son Paul, whos birthday is Monday being celebrated Sunday is of Course on his best behavior.  He has made sure the house is clean everyday when I get home.  What a treat.  I of course attribute part of this to the fact that he knows there are girts lurking in my room.  

I will go and pick up our pseudo daughter Paulina on Saturday who will spend the rest of the weekend with us.  I think it is really important that they spend a weekend a month together and just a weekly 1 hour visit.  

A lot of my friends are coming to round things out for Paul’s birthday, which is really very nice of them.  

Anyway, it has been a decent week, except for my horrible trip for dinner last night that is not even worth going into.  Soo you soon.

Happy Friday, here is a little treat for you



2 thoughts on “The week in review or the Brotherhood of the Ripping Pants

  1. You know you have a WONDERFUL boyfriend when he sits patiently at the drive-thru, in the heat, while you decide whether you want a polish sausage or an italian sausage (or lemonade rather than iced tea)! Love you baby!

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