Happy Birthday, crabby night and GET OFF ME sleep comments.

So general apology going out to anyone who might have fallen victim to my sleep comments.  Who knows what my mind is up to when I am not consciously in charge of it’s doings.

Paul seems to have had a really nice birthday.  I think at the end of the day he was overwhelmed, grateful, crashing from too much sugar, and really really tired all at the same time.  I sent him to bed when these things got too apparent.

Tim Tim Timmy, good man good man overall.  Drive me crazy in many different ways, but i love him.  Yep.  Sure do.

My office is hot and sticky like a unwashed hooker square-dancing in a vinyl suit in Amarillo Texas.  I want to go home, and I resent that certain people can do whatever they want having not put in their time.    I would like to thank Vince Ciolino for his year plus of loyal service in the secretary pool.  Good luck to you sir.

Additionally I would like to thank everyone who came on Sunday to celebrate Paul’s birthday.  I had fun, a bit too warm, but a fun time.  I made way too much food, which is fine because now I am broke.


Adios folks 29 minutes until I can go home for the day.


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