a nod to facebook’s 25 random things…

let me just say, these notes produced some random things.  I am not going to type it however many times and send it along, so here it is.  25 random things about me.

  1. a am a little bit afraid of the dark.

  2. i hate my mouth.

  3. I had a sock static clung to my pantleg today.

  4. I am craving a hot fudge sunday, or a martini.

5 I confess, I’d like both

  1.  too much coffee makes me cracke dout.

  2. i love beans and toast.

  3. i love mac, hate windows.

  4. I prefer english period films when it is cold out, action or animation in the summer.

  5.  I love orange, but not all shades of orange.

  6. I am almost over my modern furniture stage.

  7.  I miss the one bedroom apartment next to me.

  8. I once had to go number 2 at Club Montage and almost cried, but gave the doorman 40 dollars to not let anyone in while I was going.

  9.  I love flaming hot potato chips.

  10. I’m bored with this list.


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