New Kids, Old Friends, New Jobs, Old Jobs…

This is shaping up to be a very busy tornado meets volcano  sort of week.  My life seems to be spinning past and around me like the cinnabar skirt of a whirling dervish.

My wit supreme is of no use this week, some things cannot be glossed over.

We are getting a new foster child today, a 16 year old girl with a lot of spark.  Something tells me she is going to run me ragged.  I also started working at my new job this past Monday, while still working at my old job. Can candles have 4 wicks?

More good news in the life category.   I found my old and very dear friend Tim on facebook.  Oddly enough through one of HIS friends that last I knew hated me, or so I gathered as he whizzed by on his bicycle flipping me the bird.  So I have not seen Tim in a very very long time, almost 5 or 6 years I think.  I have known Tim since I was getting discharged from the military in 1997.  Oh what stories I could tell you.  We have lived together, as friends, a couple times.  Anyway, we are meeting on Sunday for a “catch-up” lunch.  I’m excited, I mean who doesn’t like lunch? Right,  Just kidding.  I should mention I have spent countless hours trying to track him down, do you know that there are more than a handful of Beverly Barrs in Ohio?  Shameful.

Tim is like Bill Gates and I am Steve Jobs without the weight loss and millions of dollars.  At some point, he went hardcore windows, and I went the way of the lucious, stable and well thought out Apple.  That is how life goes, once you have chosen different operating systems, you have an uphill battle.

I am very happy to be welcoming 2 people into my life today.  One new with a whole life in front of her, and one older with a whole history shared between us.  LIfe is amazing.

I have worked for the same guy since  forever, it has been…well it has been.  Time to move along.

I have been married almost 6 months and we arte both still alive with all of our limbs,  I surely cannot be the only surprised person.  So I’ll take this moment and say to Tim, my husband,  I love you, you big jerk.

It has been a long week, a week filled. period.

By the way, finished a website today.


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