Nice weekend, if you can get it.

Hi Everyone,

Just checking in after a nice weekend.  I finally watched “Where the Wild Things Are”  what a great, perfectly crafted movie; it was right up my alley.

I didn’t make it to the nursery this weekend, but that is ok.  It is a funny thing how a temperature triggers my memories.  I must be some sort of thermometer.  The weather wasn’t right to pay my respects, which is what I suppose I am doing.  Maybe next weekend.

I upgraded the hard drive in my macbook this weekend.  I have never really upgraded a mac, there has never been cause to.  I just wanted more storage on my baby.  It was inexpensive to do the upgrade, so I went for it.  Note, have ALL of your tools in hand before you start.

I have tonsillitis.  I went to urgent care this morning, my throat and ear canal have been hurting pretty badly for about a week.  They checked for strep, no go.  They did some giant swab that they are going to send out to have looked at.  sounds creepy.  antibiotics and we shall see.

My diet is still going well.  I cheat a bit here and there; better than going bananas and eating 5000 calories a day.  I have done that, and probably more.  I’m all bad habit sometimes.



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