What if I wrote an Opera? or 7 extra hours in bed.

I stayed home from work today, not something I really enjoy doing.  I could have a limb freshly amputated and would still feel guilty.  Something is seriously wrong with my energy level – frustration level.  So I slept, off and on until 1:50.

Mostly on.

I had a dream that I wrote an opera, composed is more accurate, but in my dream I had created one.  I am not even a fan of opera, go figure.  I like painting in my dreams, my work always comes out nicely.  My opera was haunting and angry.  Freud anyone?

I slept with my NAP pillow, recently purchased from Brookstone.  It is like sleeping on concrete that is molded to your head.  I liked it.  I have latency in my tendons in my joints.  Even my tendons are too tired to do their job.

I really don’t like missing work, at least not when everyone else is working.  My work defines me.  I heard someones father told them once ” find something you love to do, and then find someone to pay you to do it”  makes sense to me.  I sort of fell into financial aid, and although I enjoy the numbers part of it, it is really draining to me  to be yelled at so frequently.  I have a handful of students who seem to thrive on trying to yell me into helping.  I am more than happy to help, the yelling really isn’t necessary.

Oh, to top it off, I took the dogs outside to  “make” and one of them rolled in poo.  Yuck.  So I gave one of them a bath with a tshirt tied around my face because the smell was awful and we all know I don’t do well with smells.  I can see blood and guts, but I cannot do bad smells or dead dogs. (Tim and I saw a dead black lab on the side of the freeway on ramp a week ago and it is still bothering me)  As my bathroom, my shower and myself were soaking wet and covered in dog hair and wet dog smell I then washed the second dog.  Now I am exhausted again.  Not really a choice on the first dog considering the poo factor.  All them same.

I think I started 4 movies on NETFLIX  today and watched none of them.  I am a little miffed at them for not putting season 3 of Dexter online, but I probably would not have slept as much today if it was available so there is, I guess, a silver lining.

I have a new manager at work.  I clam I don’t want her as a manager.  I say that every time.  I’m loyal, and I like all of my managers eventually.  Spoiled brat I am. (my best Yoda impression)  I will say that she seems incurably intelligent. I’m not  anything but jealous I suppose.  Will I ever come across as that professional?  That responsible?

I should be an art teacher.


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