Salt and Vinegar

The title of my autobiography…

My favorite potato chip flavor…

The smell coming from somewhere in my car…


Tim’s two favorite things to say when he gets into the car.. ” who was in my seat” and “what smells”  I answer truthfully, no one, it bugs me when the seat is forward, move your Fred Flintstone head so I can see, and I don’t know, maybe my left over lunch or something.

My blog is like a neglected friend, it just sits there waiting for me and when I show up all I do is talk about myself.  THe mere fact that I get to write about me should be reason enough to visit it on a thrice daily basis.  Someone told me today that no one uses the word thrice and now I have so they really have no room to stand on.

I test drove a truck that I cannot buy for about 4 years, but it was nice all the same.

Is there anything that cannot be made of Lego’s?

movie time, and a shower.  maybe half a movie then a shower?  maybe that smell in the car was me.


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